2nd Annual Nevada Outback Ride

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2nd Annual Nevada Outback Ride

Postby everin » Wed Mar 07, 2018 8:06 pm

Nevada Outback Ride #2
Porter Spring, NV
June 22 – 24, 2018

Join other RCB’ers for the second annual Nevada Outback ride to Porter Spring (our basecamp). Porter Spring, an oasis in the desert, is located northwest of Lovelock on the backside of the Seven Trough range, in the Kumiva Valley. Departure time and location TBD.

A little history on the Seven Troughs area; it grew out of a gold rush in the early 1900’s. By the end of 1907, the population was around 350 people. After 1918, with the ore bodies depleted, the area was abandoned. All that remains now are the ghost towns of Mazuma, Tunnel, and Vernon.

Mazuma was the largest camp in the area. Founded in 1907, it had a newspaper, post office, bank, hotel, stores, and fire department. During a summer afternoon storm in July 1912, a ten foot wall of water came cascading down Seven Troughs Canyon and washed the community away. Many buildings were destroyed, others washed off their foundations. The most enduring artifact is a payroll safe from a mining company that was washed a short distance down the canyon. It still lies next to the trail today. Eleven people were killed in the flash flood, with some of the bodies being recovered in a wash five miles away. Six of the deceased are buried east of the area in a makeshift cemetery. Nevada Magazine published a great article on the Mazuma disaster http://nevadamagazine.com/home/archives ... wiped-out/.

Tunnel Camp came later. In 1927, a cyanide mill was built on the site and the boring of a tunnel began through the mountain to the Seven Troughs mine on the other side. With hopes of improving ventilation and drainage of the Seven Troughs, as well as improving the logistics of getting ore from the mine to the mill, over two miles of tunnels were completed. Gold was found along the way, but ultimately the project was abandoned in 1934. Various mining activities continued off and on at Tunnel up into the 1950’s.

Vernon was founded in 1905 to serve as a base for the nearby mines in the Seven Troughs mining district. The mines remained active for the better part of three to four years, but by 1910 the ore was depleted, so the mines began to reduce operations and/or close down entirely. By 1918, Vernon had so few people the post office closed its doors. At this time, many of the wooden buildings were torn down and moved to nearby Tunnel Camp, where activity was on the increase. Vernon’s fate was sealed and the last of its residents moved on shortly thereafter.

Saturday, June 23, if there’s enough rider interest, we can ride the back roads and do a loop with stops along the way. We can checkout Rabbithole Springs (a popular watering hole for early settlers coming west on the California Trail), cross over to the playa at Trego Hot Spring and exit Ten Mile Playa Access. Head into Gerlach on Hwy 34 and have lunch at Bruno’s and fill-up at the Shell station. After lunch, we’ll head south on Hwy 447 turning off on Jungo Road. Then make our way back to Porter Springs via the Lava Beds route.

It’s important to have final rider counts by Saturday, June 2, so supplies can be purchased. Like last year’s event, all food, water, fuel, and firewood will have to be brought in. This is a GS/Dirt Bike ride, so sport bikes and touring bikes aren’t recommended. Since I am sponsoring this event again this year, any assistance by participants would be appreciated. If you have any questions, please email me.

Looking forward to getting out and exploring the Nevada Outback again with fellow RCB’ers. Please check out the new RCB Forum. I posted the same information and included some photo's.

Bye for now.

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