A ride to support the Parkland school students whose 17 cla

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A ride to support the Parkland school students whose 17 cla

Postby Dr. Alpine » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:27 pm

I propose a Cavalcade of BMW motorcyclists to ride en mass to Washington DC to support the Parkland children who are protesting the sale of assault weapons like the AR-15 and asking for stronger background checks on those seeking to buy guns. I want all BMW motorcyclists who sympathize with the Parkland children who suffered the horrible attack upon them that killed 17 of their classmates by the mentally deranged 19 year old owner of an AR-15, to volunteer to ride together across this country and parade in front of the White House and Congress to join in this crucial uprising against the status quo, and to demand a change in our gun laws and help bring about a long overdue need to protect our innocent citizens.

BMW clubs all over the country could assembly at key points across the country to then join a huge ride of law abiding concerned Americans to descend on Washington at a designated date for a motorcycle parade like no other. This would be a very worthy cause for the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America to promote and support. I'm 87 years old and I ride a 2016 R1200 RS. While I'm no longer making the long trips I so dearly love, I strongly back a ride en mass like this to support the cause of those brave Parkland students.
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