Riding in hot weather

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Riding in hot weather

Postby jhsacramento » Sun May 20, 2012 3:10 pm

My Dilemia - On these hot Sacramento days, what does one wear to stay protected but minimize the heat build up from wearing protective clothing? I commute to work and on my trips home at 5;00 p.m. and the temp is >90, i cook. And on weekends, while most bikers cruise around in their tee shirts, that just seems stupid.
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Re: Riding in hot weather

Postby Fred(Prez2.1) » Sun May 20, 2012 6:46 pm

Jeremy: I think you'll find most of us have a mesh jacket and/or pants that let the air through in the heat but still give you a bit of protection. Look for one that has armor in the elbows, back and shoulders. Firstgear and Cortech are reasonably priced, but there are a lot more choices out there. A&S says they will match advertised prices, so it can pay to shop around first, just don't go cheap, you get what you pay for. Hope this helps.
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Re: Riding in hot weather

Postby Firefight911 » Mon May 21, 2012 7:02 am

I agree 100% with Fred.

Another option may be to do what Fred suggests and add a cooling vest under the jacket if you need that extra bit. This will most likely only apply for your off work rides but is an option.
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Re: Riding in hot weather

Postby jhsacramento » Mon May 21, 2012 6:33 pm

Do you have a particular vest you recommend?
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Re: Riding in hot weather

Postby Kim J. » Mon May 21, 2012 9:04 pm

Jeremy - I've got a Fieldsheer Iceberg cooling vest which I've used e a few times for the exact situation you're describing. The main drawback is that it requires a sink large enough to dowse or submerge the vest - which I don't have at my work. Also the vest is rather heavy when soaked and feels "muggy" after a while - especially if you're in stop and go traffic. I've found a more acceptable alternative for my situation is to simply dowse my shirt with water (front and back) before putting on my mesh jacket. It too warms up when stuck at the light in the 90+ heat, but oh what a joy it is when the light finally turns green and I get moving.

Of course if you're a shirt and tie guy it might not be an applicable solution.

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Re: Riding in hot weather

Postby bugsplatter » Tue May 22, 2012 8:17 am

The the LDComfort "Cool Comfort Sleeves".


These just cover the arms. The idea is you get them wet, put them on, and open the venting in your jacket arm, but none of the other vents. This video demonstrates how effective it is.


I use the tights and long sleeve shirt for long rides, but for commuting, the sleeves are a great way to get some effective evaporative cooling.
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Re: Riding in hot weather

Postby terryleeca » Tue May 22, 2012 10:29 am

Jeremy: I use the Silver Eagle cooling vest in hot weather:


The vest comes with a sip lock plastic bag that you keep it in and use to wet it by filling the bag with 16 oz of water before use and let it soak into the vest. Very easy to use at work. Just a quick stop by the water cooler and within a few minutes you have a cooling vest to use when riding. I also use the JD sleeves.

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Re: Riding in hot weather

Postby Mike Herte » Wed Jun 13, 2012 9:25 am

If you're still in the market, A&S is running a Hot Deal on the Hyper-Kewl cooling collar - get one free with any purchase. Check it out. http://www.ascycles.com/detail.aspx?ID=125125 The rest of the Hyper-Kewl stuff can be found here: http://search.ascycles.com/search?w=hyperkewl&asug=Hyper.

(Since it's going to be in the 100's this weekend, this is a pretty timely offer.)
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Re: Riding in hot weather

Postby Shopdoc » Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:37 pm

Riding in a club gives you the most valuable, and useful information. I remember one winter being so cold riding late one afternoon. Someone suggested putting newspaper under my jacket and what a difference, even for the short ride home.

I know this isn't your bag on the commute bike, but on the hottest dessert rides sticking a service station water hose inside my Roadcrafter Suit and getting shirt (long sleeve cotton) and most of the pants wet is so far away from misery. The comfortable cooling lasts for several hours. And with a camel-back I can keep up with hydration. And, I can ride all day this way. Hopefully commuting will never reach this point but if it does you'll definitely have to pull over, or you'll fall over. Have a great day.

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Re: Riding in hot weather

Postby Gordon Olson » Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:44 pm

FYI: There will be two pairs of cooling sleeves given away in the September raffle!
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