Loose Hexhead cam chain tensioner bolt

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Loose Hexhead cam chain tensioner bolt

Postby RocklinMike » Tue May 02, 2017 3:32 pm

Ran my 13GSA for a few minutes and noticed an oil spot on the riders left side the size of a quarter. WTH? This ain't no Shovelhead! After lookin closely at it I found the Cam Chain tenshioner bolt was weeping oil. After a little research I found out that this is not that uncommon. They must of been at October Fest and decided not to torque that bolt down. this sucks cause it is located behind the throttle body and is impossible to get a goood angle on the wrench to tighten it. BMW uses the STUPID Otliker clamps and I didn't have the pricey tool to remove the clamps. I manage to get the clamp off at the head/throttle body, removed the electical connectors and could rotate the throttle body assembly just enough to get a wrench on the CCT. Not perfect, but I'm sure I torqued it enough to stop the leak. Success! Replaced the DUMB clamp with a standard C clamp. ONE I CAN TAKE OFF WITHOUT HAVIN A STROKE! So.....if you see oil on the floor, on your Hexhead, check the tenshioner bolt. Just sayin. :D
BTW. I will be researching some narrower clamps to replace the airbox clamp and the throttle body to airbox clamps.
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Re: Loose Hexhead cam chain tensioner bolt

Postby Erivera » Tue May 02, 2017 9:02 pm

Is this tensioner bolt near the thingamajig next to the watchamacallit between the 2 wheels? :lol:

you have to show it to me Mike next time we see each other!

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