Odyssey Batteries

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Odyssey Batteries

Postby r90beemer » Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:09 pm

Two weeks ago tomorrow I found Bozeman weather conducive to a ride and went to start the 2012 R1200
RT and the BMW Exide original battery crapped out. It had been trickle charged every two weeks all winter but nevertheless decided to retire. I had an Odyssey Battery sitting in the 76 R90/6 installed 5 years ago and used very little. I pulled it, put the trickle charger on it, the light turned green in about 30 minutes. It had not been charged in many months. Installed it in the RT and it started with a brisk spin of the starter. I had it tested and it passed with flying colors. I have very pleased with Odyssey and highly recommend them. Tom Moe, MT RCB Branch :D

Went for a spin on Sunday March 19th and I have to say the Odyssey battery spins the engine better than the BMW Exide battery ever did. What a great product. BTW I also had one in the 2005 R1200RT and felt the same way about it.
Tom Moe
Montana BMW Rider :D
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