Lithium Ion battery vs. Charge Log

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Lithium Ion battery vs. Charge Log

Postby bmrjack » Sun Nov 15, 2015 3:52 pm

Seeing Steve H's post on this forum about a charge log reminds me of a related issue I've wanted to post.
I bought a Shorai Lithium ion battery around 3-4? years ago?, & after they replaced the first one with an "upgrade" it has performed flawlessly. I've never charged it, ride at least once per week.
The Shorai cost me $240-they had just come out. They came down thereafter.
Today I was in Batteries + Bulbs on other matters & saw their motorcycle batteries. They do indeed sell lithium ion batteries. They did sell Shorai at first but have replaced them with Sky Rich?, which they consider a superior battery. They are MODEL SPECIFIC!, meaning they might not have one for your bike. For my 2005 1200 GS it would be $135 and take a week to get from their main warehouse. Like my Shorai it weighs about 1/3 of an OEM battery.
Might try this Steve. I'm not OCD enough to keep a charge log. I got enough trouble remembering when to change my oil.
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Re: Lithium Ion battery vs. Charge Log

Postby SteveH » Mon Jan 18, 2016 7:29 pm

Thanks for that, Jack. So far the replacement battery is holding up. I have no idea what the value of this "charge log" is, since after every ride the bike goes back on the charger. The test will be when I take a trip out of town. Damn if I'm going to buy a new battery for a bike that is still under warranty and gets ridden regularly.
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