New brakelines.

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New brakelines.

Postby RocklinMike » Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:54 pm

So... installed Spiegler brakelines on the bike this weekend. Knew I would be drawing a lot of air.
This is not a flush. Rear bleed was easy. Good pedal. The front? PITA. Bled, bled, bled, must of run about a quart of fluid through the front wheel circuit. No love, no lever. Sure there was air trapped in the system so I thought, screw it, gonna just strap off the brake lever and let it sit. Got up this morning and pulled the strap. PERFECT!!!! Had read of this procedure on the interweb and if it is on the interweb, it must be true. RIGHT? In this case it worked well. Just sayin'
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