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Manchester Beach: Fees and Dinner Dress Code

PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 12:55 pm
by Gordon Olson

Remember....the "co-pay" for current RCB members (i.e., dues up-to-date) is $10. Fee for lapsed members (i.e., dues NOT up-to-date) is $30 (to fully cover the Club's costs). Please check the website to make sure that your dues are current if you are hoping to "co-pay" only. We will have the list of paid-up members at the event as we collect fees. Guest fees are also $30 and include a regular raffle ticket, a big raffle ticket, a one-year complimentary RCB membership, and a surprise for the guest's sponsor!

The dress code for dinner is "Wear Your Raffle Shirt!". If you have ever won a shirt (e.g., embroidered RCB polo, motorcyle-themed tee shirt, or "RCB Squared" bowling shirt), please wear it to dinner. That way, it will be easy to distinguish between the winners and the losers in the Club! :-)

See you all up in Manchester. Should be a great weekend.

Cheers (and please ride safely!),