R100RS Rally ‘Gathering of the Tribes’ celebrates the 40 yea

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R100RS Rally ‘Gathering of the Tribes’ celebrates the 40 yea

Postby jim wilson » Sat Jun 04, 2016 12:13 am

.R100RS Rally ‘Gathering of the Tribes’ celebrates the 40 years of RS,

We’ll try this again cause it was an interesting event last year with fires burning California, but with a slight twist. Come ride California's fine Sierra. Honoring the famed BMW R100RS on it’s 40th, to be held in Central Calif., Sept 9 – 11, 2016 in conjunction with the old ‘’Gathering of the Tribes Rally’’. ALL interested in Airheads and the Airhead Beemers Club are welcome to attend this rally. Beautiful riding near Kings Canyon and Yosemite NP. Fun and games for all.

This event celebrates the 40 years of vision, workmanship, elegance and power of Hans A. Muth, Designer, Craftsman and Engineer of the BMW’s R100RS series, a sophisticated tourer, moto machine. Hans started with BMW in the early 1970’s in the auto interiors side of the house but it didn’t take him long, as he said, ‘’just a week’’ to inquire about his true love, ‘’where’s the motorbike department ?.’’ Shortly after, he convinced a manager, von der Marwitz, and became a team member in the motorcycle division and BMW developed the beautiful 900/1000 series S and RS, RT and R65 designs.
The 900cc BMW R90S was the brainchild of industry luminary Bob Lutz, then head of North American sales for BMW cars and motorcycles. Product-development director was Hans-Guther von der Marwitz. In those days, BMW motorcycles were seen as elegant yet stodgy cross-country tourers. The Japanese were building sleeker and faster machines. BMW was struggling a bit with the motorcycle division, and with, Bob Lutz at the helm, the result was the /6 and /7 series, with the R90S and R100RS /RT projects. These designs helped BMW motorcycle division out of a downward spiral.

The design team involved CAD, (computer aided design) into the mix of several firsts by BMW during the 70’s era. New was a separate designed dash and instrumentation. Because Hans was an interior designer conceived the ‘’cockpit’’ arrangement as it was called by BMW. Vincent was first in designing a full fairing for rider protection in 1954, but BMW took one more step. Another first, the RS fairing design incorporated the use of wind tunnel testing at The University of Stuttgart and Italian design house, Pininfarina for the final design concept and layout. The fairing allowed stability and weather protection for the rider as well as showing an impressive bold design. The striking blue with a darker blue pin stripping was Hans’ idea again and he had a difficult time convincing and learning what was needed to incorporate that into the first years Silver Blue colour scheme. The factory was still leaning more towards the monochromatic, staying in the black/white vain. Hans opened their eyes with the silver smoke colour schemes using the black as BMW wanted and smoke, earlier, he wanted Daytona Orange or ‘Egg Yoke’ on the R90S models 3 years prior. The Daytona Orange name only came after some engineers visited the March Daytona speedway in sunny Florida where oranges abound.

BMW in the early 70’s wanted a racing division, contacted Butler and Smith, the U.S. Distributors. They knew of German born and New Jersey resident Udo Gietl and he headed up the new race team. Gietl enlisted Todd Schuster, Tom Cutter as crew and British racer Reg Pridmore, a known quantity with a background in the US racing BMW 750s. In that first season, '76, the BMW team of Pridmore, Steve McLaughlin and Gary Fisher dominated the circuits. A successful and rewarding venture began.
How many RS’s can we get in a line up ? Ah, heck every bike gets into our line up … Ride um, don’t hide them.

Cove Group Campground :: holds about 50 cars or 90-100 riders
6400’ elevation Latitude : 36.665 Longitude : -118.839
47050 Generals Highway, Three Rivers, Cal. 93271 https://www.campbase.com/cove-group-cam ... sequoia-np
Head east from Fresno, Ca. on 180. Located 13 miles S/E of Kings Canyon National Park Entrance [on Generals Highway 198] ~ ~ Head east from Visalia, Ca. on Hwy 198 to site. Same site as past Gathering of the Tribes.
Cove is a single group tent campground only. Reservations are made. The campground is private and has large facilities for groups including restrooms, large BBQ's, and large group fire rings. It's across the street from Stony Creek Lodge where there is a restaurant, market, fuel, laundry, and showers. Other than the lodge, the area is very secluded. Bring Camping gear, warm clothes, chair, food, if needed cook equip.
Camp Fees : approx. $18-22.00 night, depends on number of total riders showing up. Campfire ( MAYBE /DEPENDING on USFS )….. permits required for campfires, barbeques, and camp stoves. JUST SHOW UP and pay your fees, have a great ride to & from and memories.
http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/sequoia/ ... 8&actid=33

… JUST SHOW UP @ the Rally

Stony Creek Lodge/ Village serves pizza in the restaurant and also has an outdoor dining patio, market/gift shop, an ATM machine and a self-service Gas Station ]. http://www.sequoia-kingscanyon.com/stonycreeklodge.html

Rooms available Toll Free: (877) 828-1440 or (559) 565-3388 reserve@mslodge.com

http://www.mslodge.com TEL: (800) 227-9900

Notice :: Barring any unforeseen forest fires, keep an eye on http://yubanet.com/fire.php

100 special pins available @ rally, till they sell out. T-shirts can be bought ONLY before the rally [ starting June 1st week ] and will be distributed @ Cove campground Rally Site. . Bring camping gear, supplies if cooking food, chair?, & BYOB & sMILEs.

SHIRTS & Pins :: Order starts the first week of June
R100RS rally design. 100 Special Rally Pins till they last on site. Order from Customink.com

This group order for the rally : you open the link, pick color/style, pay and when you show up @ the Rally I hand YOU your rally shirt.
None will be shipped out !

R100RS Gathering of the Tribes and 40th R100RS Rally t~shirt order links

R100RS rally design.
Mens : L/S w/ pockets = white & sports gray
S/S w/o pockets & w/ pockets = Carolina Blue & white
Womens : S/S w/o pockets = Sapphire, pink & white
Price depends on total number of group orders.

With out pockets :

with pockets :

Camping, Riding and Airhead Beemers fun & games, along with a good dose of ABC camaraderie. There is a nearby museum for the history & ecology of the giant sequoia forest, with exhibits & interpretive trails and I’m sure the G/Ser’s can find some dirt on somebody, somewhere. Day rides in dirt or not.
http://www.nps.gov/lavo/planyourvisit/u ... 80-pdf.pdf

We’ll probably need a head count by mid August for the number of sites, fees shirt fees and food @ restaurants so ALL your needs can be attended to.
RSVP @ Jim Wilson vinceotter@prodigy.net or John Covington jwcov@yahoo.com

So Rallyists … JUST SHOW UP @ the Rally

We’ll need a head count by mid August for the number of sites, fees shirt fees and food @ restaurants so ALL your needs can be attended to.
RSVP @ Jim - - vinceotter@prodigy.net
Nor~Cal abc, MOA & founding member ~ River City Beemers #210,
John Covington SoCal abc Air Marshall Coordaniator - - jwcov@yahoo.com

Watch here & Airmail & Air e-forums & MOA &
https://www.facebook.com/NorCal-Airhead ... 951989574/
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