Trinity photo gallery.

On Wednesday we ride to dinner and on Saturday we ride to breakfast. Those and any other rides are coordinated and (sometimes) reported here.

Trinity photo gallery.

Postby RocklinMike » Sat Jun 28, 2014 2:21 pm

If you haven't perused the Trinity photo galley yet, you should. Largest gallery of any event I have ever attended in my time in the club. Thanks to Rayjay, aka. Rocket Boy for his photography skills. A narrative of the weekend is not needed if you attended this event. From our new or so, "l'll ride my own damn bike!" ladies who had a blast on the Soma Cookhouse day ride, (and they are competent riders), to just how smooth the whole weekend turned out. The photo gallery shows how much fun we had. This club RIDES! It was a 1000 mile weekend and we burned as much firewood as we could. Rock on RCB. Can't wait till next year. Ricky, Rayjay and I will revisit and tweek if need be. 8)
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