Successful Ride

On Wednesday we ride to dinner and on Saturday we ride to breakfast. Those and any other rides are coordinated and (sometimes) reported here.

Successful Ride

Postby Shopdoc » Tue Jul 13, 2010 5:33 pm

I just did Sag this weekend for the Markleeville Death Ride (2700 riders, 130 miles, 16,000 ft of climbing with >10% grades in one day, average 12 hours peddling) with eight others of RCB on motorcycle. This is where gratitude with capitol G is intimately felt. The RCB commits knowing the help it provides. Grateful responses erupts from peoples faces as you ride by the weaving lines, the many back pats and hand shakes transmit a feeling of bondage with strangers because of these two parallel acts. On closed roads we are the only means to carry downed riders, broken bikes, needed TP and other supplies, get new parts to them in the field, carry messages and reports between support stations; an integral part of bringing together this complex event. All of this is possible through the miracle of dedicated bicycle riding. The Death Ride, a super, heroic event is both test and achievement. People step out of the shadows into the volley of cheering spectators to attempt a physical test of unknown and singular proportions. This either bold or humble endeavor is a test without failure it is so difficult. People are putting in their all, learning a new/spiritual focus, finding unknown, hidden limits and redefining themselves. The long, constant pull to reel in the steep miles of mountain road redefines and overcomes pain in helpful terms that makes the rider gain here-to-fore unimaginable goals. As they recognize during the weary interludes they learn this is not a lonely life but it reflects a group activity with common purpose and goal, giving a greater freedom for them as a group. We in RCB are a part of this, to help make it happen. There is much more I could say because this is real life- magnified through individual sacrifice which is never to failure but to achievement. In the end it is clear they are doing what we all are; every hour, day is an achievement of proportions, nothing less. Keep it up. I want to especially thank Kim for his superb organization, plethora of details and joy in a Beemer accomplishment.
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Re: Successful Ride

Postby rydalch » Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:17 pm

Hi Bruce,

Very nice write up on the joys of participating as a SAG rider for the Death Ride. Also tell your daughter thanks for letting you escape and enjoy the weekend with our group.
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Re: Successful Ride

Postby Kim J. » Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:56 pm

I echo Shopdocs sentiment regarding the Death Ride. Well put Bruce. This was my first experience with helping as a SAG rider and what a fantastic experience it was. While I can't imagine the amount of training, sacrifice and pain that the riders put themselves through preparing for, and participating in, the Death Ride, I somehow felt like I was helping them achieve their goal for the day. The gratitude displayed by so many of the participants towards us SAG riders as well as the rest of the huge number of volunteers was truly heartwarming.

Kudos to Kim and his organizational skills and enthusiasm.

Hopefully I'm on the list to do it all again next year.

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Re: Successful Ride

Postby BruceA » Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:05 am

Very Cool. Glad to hear RCB was so well represented.
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