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Yerington - Changes ahead

May 24, 2012 - Yerington, NV is an RCB favorite - After a three-hour, trans-Sierra ride to Genoa, NV for a deli lunch and another hour across the high desert to the agricultural town, the fifty or so participants would settle into Casino West for what is probably the cheapest, er, least-expensive weekend ever. I think we've done it 13 or 14 times in a row.

Our Aug 4, 2012 visit will be slightly complicated by the fact that Casino West sold off their hotel property and 2012 Yerington participants will now have to make their room reservations with the new Yerington Inn and we're still working on meal arrangements.

What we know so far:

  • Yerington Inn will charge $57.24 (incl. tax) for one room, either single or double occupancy. Yes, that's higher than last year but they claim upgraded rooms, towels and WiFi.
  • Casino West will offer a group "Dinner and Breakfast" rate of $10 but they're asking RCB for advance payment one week in advance. Without the coupon, dinner and breakfast buffet is about twice the coupon rate.

So we'll need some kind of sign-up and payment collection as we get closer to the event. Yeah, it's a little different, but this is RCB - We'll figure it out!