Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


Thirty years of Presidents

Jan 16, 2011 - It's a thankless job - The hours are long, the benefits poor, no health coverage and no retirement plan - But for some reason (temporary mental incapacitation?), some of our members step forward and accept the mantle for a year or more.

And the rest of us are eternally grateful!

It's probably inadequate, but hanging in the RCB Corner of A&S is a plaque honoring the twelve individuals who have served our organization as President at one time or another. Check it out next time you're at A&S.

(Historical Factoid - The first two Presidents (Earl and Randy/Trish) were really the club's newsletter editors. The club was smaller and less structured, and didn't have a board of directors. Instead the newsletter editor served as a focus for the club by publishing the club's rides and activities. Since we didn't want to omit their important contribution during the formative years, we're listing them as "President" here. Sorry about the historical inaccuracy.)