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Standing Room Only

Jan 7, 2012 – Maybe it was Gordy’s first meeting as new RCB Club President, maybe it was the crisp, dry January weather that made riding a joy, or maybe it was out two guest speakers on Safety Saturday. But in any case it had our club meeting attendees completely filling Susie’s private room and spilling into the hallway. Probably record attendance!

Gordy started the meeting reminding RCB members of several upcoming events – Phil Challinor’s Jan 28 First Aid Clinic, our Feb 19 Tech Day, and Greg Peart’s Mar 9-11 Mendocino Weekend. More details of all events are on the website.

There was a “Thank You” award to Fred Jewell for his service as Club President, and a public apology was made to the member who was teased after publicly asking when “the day after Thanksgiving ride” would be. He received a shirt personalized with his infamous question!

The meeting highlight was our two guest speakers, Bill Cruz of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Alan Cunningham of Bill explained that MSF had expanded their offering of Basic and Advanced riding courses to Basic and Basic2 (previously Advanced) and had added a new Advanced Riding Skills class. Details and prices are at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation website.

Alan Cunningham demonstrated an inflatable vest that has the potential to protect a rider in the event of a collision or fall. Essentially a CO2 cartridge rapidly inflates the vest protecting the rider from serious injury – The cartridge is triggered by a lanyard connected to the bike so that when the vest exits the bike (presumably with the rider attached), it inflate and absorbs the brunt of the collision or fall. Alan demonstrated the explosive inflation that surprised just about everyone. More information is available at the website.

Not a bad start to the year!