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Safety Saturday - Jan 7, 2012

Dec 18, 2011 - Safe motorcycle operation is a central tenet of the River City Beemers. We watch our speeds and our routes, and we look out for each other on the road. Many of us are skilled in CPR and other emergency skills, and honestly, it makes our rides just a little bit more fun.

Furthering that theme, at RCB's next club meeting (Jan 7, 2012, 8AM at Susie's), two safety experts from and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation are being invited to demonstrate and discuss their product offering.

Alan Cunningham of will display and demonstrate his Airbag Jackets and Vests, and show how they can help protect the rider in the event of a collision or accident. Our second presenter, Bill Cruz of the California Motorcycle Safety Foundation, will have information concerning MSF's rider skills classes as well as other safety related activities in our area.

Start the new year out right. Join us for our Jan 7 meeting!