Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


Old Club Logo

RCB Logo
1982 - 2011

Back in 1982, the newly named River City Beemers were blessed with a very active member. A loyal BMW rider and long-term Sacramento Bee employee, Jim Babcock, knew of and rode most every paved and dirt road in Northern and Central California. His weekly article "There's a Little Spot I Know" appeared every Sunday in the Bee's Travel section.

And when he wasn't working (if you call riding California roads working), he shared his knowledge of the State with other River City Beemers as our Ride Master.

Jim also had creative talent, and when our newly named club needed a logo, Jim stepped up. The logo depicts a happy, Sacramento-area rider - His helmet is a stylized Capitol Building, and his bike, while it looks like an air-head, was intended to be representative of all BMW models.

Jim Babcock passed in 2007. His book, "There's a Little Spot I Know" can still be purchased at Amazon.


Full size version of the old RCB Logo