Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


October 2014 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

Fall is officially here and the riding just keeps getting better and better.  The first weekend of October will find nearly one hundred of us up at the Manchester Beach KOA for the annual Fall Classic. Just a few weeks after Manchester, it will be time for the Fall Colors Ride (what used to be known as the Five Passes Ride). Apparently, our esteemed RideMeister did not want to be limited to a mere five passes, so he changed the name to give himself maximum strategic flexibility. Whether the ride ends up including three passes or thirty, rest assured that the roads between the passes will not be straight!

The International Motorcycle Show will be down at the San Mateo Event Center on October 31 through November 2. Our monthly club meeting and ride will be on November 1, so we will probably take a route south towards the IMS Show to make it easy for those who want to continue on and go drool over the new bikes from BMW and all the other marques. Who knows, maybe one of us will win one of those goofy looking custom bikes to display at Susie’s!! I suggest displaying the bike since I cannot see how it would be possible to actually ride one of those (since every road EVENTUALLY has to have some kind of curve in it.)

We are planning a second Tech Day on Sunday, November 2, at A&S starting at about 9am. Tech days are a great opportunity to learn how to work on your own bike, to watch your buddies work on theirs, or just to enjoy some free pizza and the smell of motor oil. There will be more information about the event on the website as the date approaches. Rand Olson has agreed to present a one-hour seminar on the various uses of the WonderWrench. That class alone should be worth the price of (free) admission.
Our November meeting is also the annual election for officers and directors. That means this Prez Corner will be my last chance (I promise!) to ask for volunteers to serve on the RCB Board for 2015 and beyond. Please consider putting a name (yours or someone else’s) into nomination for a leadership position in the Club. Our events simply cannot happen without enough members willing to do the extra work that is necessary to make them happen.

The annual Planning Meeting is also coming up in November, so start thinking of ideas for new and exciting events for 2015. We have a collection of hardy perennials (Spring and Fall Classics, Tahoe Chill, Ride ‘n’ Bowl, et al.), but we can always add some new events -- if we have folks willing to help organize them.

Finally, don’t forget to renew your Club membership during the month it expires. When you do so, you get 10% on parts and accessories at A&S for the following month. Spend $240 during that month and – voila! - the discount covers your membership fees!!
Ride safely……but don’t be boring about it!