Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


March Club Meeting

Mar 4, 2012 - Another well-attended meeting although I thought I saw one open seat in the primary dining room ... Is President Gordy losing his touch?

There was universal praise for an incredibly successful Tech Day and a special thanks to the A&S technicians who contributed their skills that day. We welcomed a couple new members and reviewed some club activity. Membership director Ray Nuguit announced the club membership is holding at 210, and Gordy reiterated the club's goal of 250. With the riding season upon us, we need all members to be out recruiting fellow BMW riders. Our treasurer presented a graph (and was teased mercilessly about it) showing that PayPal/Credit Card usage is up and cash/check usage is down. He hopes the trend continues because processing hundreds of paper checks, driving to the PO box and depositing them at the bank turns out to be surprisingly time-consuming.

We also righted a serious wrong by providing Sonya with a properly spelled badge. She's Sonya, not Sonia as the first badge reflected. And not wanting to leave Miguel out, we got him a new one as well.

The raffle was its usual boisterous affair, with several members winning free RA memberships, lots of tools and apparel, and the grand prize winner walked out with a brand new SPOT Connect.

With breakfast and the meeting concluded, 20+ riders meandered down to Jamestown ... for lunch. It seems there were some directionally challenged moments but having not been there, it's only hearsay at this point. Someone else needs to tell that story.

Next month's meeting is Apr 7. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend!