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March 2017 President's Corner

By Jack Klauschie, RCB Prez

You probably are wondering why in the world I would post this photo for the March President’s Corner. It has nothing to do with the weather this weekend. In fact, the photo was taken in late May, not early March. I wrote before about why I stay involved in RCB. It’s certainly the friendships and camaraderie, but there is so much more.

There is the peace of mind, for me and those at home, that comes from the knowledge RCB riding Buddies are not going to leave me behind if I have a mechanical. It’s sharing a beer, and getting hypnotized by the flickering of a campfire after a robust day on curvy two lane. There is the joy that comes from listening to unfathomable BS and the occasional gut splitting joke around a campfire. Altogether, it’s about MAKIN’ MEMORIES. You can start making yours this coming weekend by participating in the Whale Watch Ride to Mendocino (ride or drive), or by joining us in any of the rides planned for the summer. If you have ideas, send me a message or come to a Board meeting.

(Shingletown KOA - late May 2010; Alfonsina’s – San Luis Gonzaga - Baja 2015)

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