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June 2017 President's Corner

by Jack Klauschie, RCBPREZ

I was reading an article in ADV Moto magazine by Travis Walters that struck a chord with me. While the magazine’s focus is on backcountry touring, all motorbike rides are an adventure simply because we are doing so on a motorbike. You do not smell the flowers (or road kill), or see a shooting star in a cage. He wrote about music and riding, focusing on the periods of time between a sound and a ride. I think his observations are worth sharing. He writes:

“It’s these short but vital periods of time that define not only the music we listen to but the adventures we undertake. I suggest that as a community of adventure motor biking enthusiasts we step back and reflect upon the piece we’re composing for our friends, for ourselves, and for those we’ve yet to meet. Sure, I’d love to rally a multi-month trip to far ends of our globe; however, that track has yet to be written.

For the vast majority of us life has other plans. Does this imply we shouldn’t listen to the music? Absolutely not. In fact, if anything, we need to crank it up and rally between the notes. It’s in these brief pauses where we find big rewards in little adventures.

* * * The pause between musical notes is a finite time that, left unused, quickly fades with little memory. Unwilling to sacrifice these momentary lapses of time we, as a community, must embrace even the shortest of rides. Select a day ride or specific goal to work on; perhaps some skill and drill to refine your music.

* * * The point is to be on your bike, in the moment, in your element.”

Travis ends his piece saying: “While the opportunities to pull back on the throttle may be in themselves brief, the benefits are many and everlasting. Let the good times roll and enjoy the ride... however short it may be.”

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