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January 2017 President's Corner

by Jack Klauschie, RCBPREZ

I hope all RC Beemers had festive holidays.
I want to thank Gordy for five years of dedicated service. Cheers, mi amigo!
I thank in advance those who have agreed to serve as Officers and Directors, particularly Mike who agreed to step in when I am out of town. 
I have been reflecting on why I joined the club back in the late “90’s, why Lynell and I organized / cooked at a spring camping event and Manchester for many years, and why I have been participating in RCB events since. While riding remains a key motivator, I could ride without RCB membership or participating in RCB events. The primary motivator was and continues to be the friendships developed over these many years.

Then (and today) it was a challenge to get to know RCB members. As I am not very smart and a bit stubborn, I persisted. I came back to member meetings every month. I took up position at the back of riding groups when there were no ride sheets and GPS routes. With time, I gained sufficient riding skills and confidence to keep the tail end of a riding group in sight. Gary Stofer, Jim Cyran, Joe, CJ, Greg and others eventually took me under their wings. If these guys had not made the effort to engage the slug on the red R1100RS, I would not be writing this today. I am grateful for the effort they made to make me feel welcome and a part of the BMW riding culture.
I ask each and all of you to introduce yourselves to visitors and guests. Let’s do our best to help them feel welcome. We should never let a visitor or guest sit by them self at breakfast. Let’s make the effort to assure a new rider has a ride sheet or GPS route and is at ease before we let clutches out.   
If we make the effort we may, just may be grooming a camping chef or President.

Thoughts / Suggestions / Insults / Welcomed / Appreciated