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Going to Yerington? Read this!

Jul 16, 2012 - As previously mentioned, Yerington's Casino West sold their hotel operation and as a result, RCB'ers wanting to participate in our Aug 4/5 weekend have a new process:

  1. All participants must make their own room reservation at the new Yerington Inn
  2. Dinner/Breakfast coupons will be sold in advance. Orders must be placed by July 26!

To make your hotel reservation, call the Yerington Inn at 775/463-5310. Make sure you request the RCB rate.

Then call or email Kim Rydalch (209/402-7714 or and tell him how many meal coupons you need. You won't have to pay for the coupons until you arrive in Yerington, but you do have to order them now. And the cutoff date for ordering is July 26.

Please note that if you don't order your coupon by July 26, you will have to pay the Casino's going rate for meals - Roughly $22 for dinner plus breakfast. The RCB coupon is obviously a great deal!

Additional discussion is ongoing in our forum.

As of Sunday, July 22, the following had ordered meal coupons:

Klauschie, Jack (2)
Harris, Steve (2)
Wood, Phil (1)
Rydalch, Kim (1)
Olson, Gordon (1)
McKee, Frank (2)
Mathes, Forest (1)
Meshot, Peter (1)
Weiglein, Jack (1)
Trujillo, Ray (2)
Yelland, Lynn (2)
Jewell, Fred (4)
Lind, Bill (1)
Spadaro, Tony (2)
Ivie, Mike (2)
Hilger, Bruce (1)
Sulpizio, John (2)
Miller, Mike (2)
Simmerman, Alonzo (2)
Cornelius, Bruce (2)
Peart, Greg (2)
Meade, Roy (1)
Robles, Mike (2)
Morrison, Al (2)
Harner, David (1)
Stofer, Gary (1)
Rivera, Ernesto (1)