Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


February 2015 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

It’s only a few weeks until Valentine’s Day, so don’t forget to get a nice romantic card and some candy for your Significant Other. You also might want to consider a nice container of BMW Motorcycle Wash and Detailer for your “other” Significant Other – the one with two wheels! You should also plan to take one of them on a nice long trip. I leave it up to each of you to decide which S.O. gets invited. Regardless of your choice, always remember that the more love you give, the more love you receive!

February always means that it is time for our Spring Tech Day. The next opportunity for wannabe mechanics to work on their bikes is Sunday, February 22, beginning at about 9:30am at A&S. As usual, there will be pizza, technical assistance and guidance from A&S’s expert techs, as well as unsolicited advice from RCB’s “not-so-expert techs”. This is a great opportunity to save a little money and to have a little fun. I hope to see a lot of members there.

On a more somber note, several dozen of us joined members of the Placerville Kiwanis Club and the Hangtown Motorcycle Riders to say a final fond farewell to Stan Paolini at his Celebration of Life event on January 25. It was obvious from both the large turnout and from all the warm and funny stories that were shared that Stan had touched a lot of lives. It was clear that he had a great ride. He will be missed.

The 2015 event calendar is available on the website. Please check it out and start to reserve the dates for your favorite outings. Lots of people are already talking about attending the BMWMOA National Rally in Billings, MT in mid-July. It is looking like the Club will have quite a large number of participants. There will be more information available on routes, lodging, et al. as the date nears. This should be a great trip including the Beartooth Highway, the Little Bighorn National Monument, the Cody Museum, and the sites (and micro-breweries) in Billings itself. Big Sky Country, here we come!

We are finalizing the 2015 operating budget and if we trim the costs of a few events we can keep total costs within our annual revenues. Members’ dues represent the overwhelming share of our revenues, so it is only a matter of time before we will need to consider some small increase in our annual fees. No increase is on the table yet, but consideration of one over the next several years is certainly likely. The alternative is to increase our membership. So if you have riding buddies who aren’t members, please encourage them to join. Finally, remember that if you renew your membership on time (and then spend at least $240 at A&S during the next month) your dues are effectively ZERO!! I am confident that even our tightest tightwads think that is a good deal.

Ride safely and think about joining the ever-expanding GS wing of the party!!